Los Anxiety

I usually finish a bottle of wine whenever I open it, especially if it’s red. My grandma taught me (no matter how true or untrue) that the wine will spoil by the next day. As it turns out, the wine doesn’t necessarily always spoil, but it will taste different on account of the sudden oxidization. The wine that I drank a few sips of last night was two nights old,


Speculation About My Psychiatrist: Part 2

Perhaps it was because I didn’t really like the last psychiatrist I saw, or perhaps it was because I just got really busy and too cool for school—I don’t really know, but long story short: I hadn’t followed up with a psychiatrist for quite a few months up until last week. And don’t worry—I’m being totally facetious with the idea that not following up with my doctor makes me “cool.”


Speculation About My Psychiatrist: Part 1

Not to be lame and start this whole thing off with disclaimers, but 1) you should know that this post is absolutely not didactic at all and 2) that despite any speculation, I ultimately respect doctors and, for the purposes of this post, my psychiatrist. I think that a lot of people find themselves suspicious of their mental health doctors. It seems only natural that we be defensive toward someone