Time Passes: A Reminder To Not Freak Out

No matter how capable and prepared you may be, transitioning into the next stage of your life can be tough. Personally, I’ve been trying to groove my way into adulthood as seamlessly as possible for some time now, but still face moments where life just seems terribly daunting. Additionally, I’ve probably faced enough anxiety in my life to fill a trilogy of sad movies (granted, I’m talking about movies that


14 Things You Don’t Get To Do After You Breakup With Someone

Shout out to all my ex boyfriends for making this post possible! Kidding…kind of. I’ve seen a bad breakup or two (or five) and although I’m on good terms with most of my exes, this post is based entirely on the true story of my life. All of the below things have either happened to me, or are things that I’ve done. So, without further ado… Fourteen Things You Can’t Do