Here’s a quick list of household products you actually need to spend money on as an adult:

  1. A set of sharp, heavy knives. –

    Not only do quality knives make kitchen life infinitely easier and safer, but they also just make you feel like you’re better at cooking than you actually are.

  2. A good vacuum that actually works. –

    Your carpet is going to get dirty and smashed down because you walk on it too much and most vacuums truly suck. If you want your household and floors to not feel disgusting, invest in a good vacuum (I’ve heard Dysons are the way to go).

  3. Nice pillows that won’t flatten out after a week’s worth of sleeping. –

    You’re old now. You can’t afford kinks in your neck every morning because: joke’s on you! They don’t go away by mid-morning anymore and you damn sure won’t get to nap when you realize how tired you are the next day. Spend an extra $10 on a nice, fluffy but thick pillow.

  4. Sponges for dishwashing. –

    Honestly, I don’t know how this works but I do know that if you buy the shitty sponges that cost a few dollars less, the dish soap doesn’t lather and your dishes stay dirty and oily and it’s just…very time consuming and terrible. Get a good sponge because it’ll save you a lot of time (and soap).

  5. Food quality (i.e. cuts of meat). –

    It’s really difficult justifying a move from the $4/lb. meat section to the $7/lb. meat section but really, where would that extra $3 go anyway if you didn’t buy the meat? Probably to some quick, overpriced meal that you grab on the way home, which doesn’t really have real meat in it anyway. Not to mention that you’re probably not going to eat a pound of meat in one sitting anyway. Treat yourself to the good stuff– it’s well worth it.


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